In the early part of her education and career she had the rare opportunity to work with eminent musicians like late  V Dakshinamurthy, late  K Raghavan and late  B A Chidambaranthan.  Some of the best years of her education came during this period. At the recording studios, she was trained to imbibe discipline, punctuality and about taking into account the listener’s music preferences, during music direction.  She learnt how to put life into a song by giving the right music and voice modulation required. She gives utmost importance to emphasizing the right words and tone based on the lyrics.

Other eminent music directors who had impact on her career include Shri Vidyadharan, Shri C Rajamani, Shri M M Keeravani, Shri Bijipal  and lyricists viz. Shri Chovvallur Krishnakutty and Shri Vasudevan Potty to name a few